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Sites oficial do jogadores de futebol Brasil, offizielle webseiten von Brasilianische fussballspieler, officiele pagina's Braziliaanse voetballers, sites officiel joueurs de football Brésil.

All Official websites of Brazilian football players

Adrianinho - Site Oficial

Official website of Adriano Laaber, a Brazilian midfielder better known as Adrianinho. View his career and profile, videos and photos, and more ... (PT)

Alexandre Pato - Site oficial

Official website of Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva (born 2 September 1989, in Pato Branco, Paraná), better known under the player name Alexandre Pato. (CN/EN/ES/IT/PT)

Alves, Afonso - Official football website

Great website of Afonso Alves Martins Junior, born 30-01-1981 in Belo Horizonte - Brazil, with the latest news, videos and photo gallery of Alves. (EN/PT) More websites of Afonso Alves.

Belletti - Official Website

Official site of Juliano Haus Belletti, born 20 June 1976 in Cascavel, often known as Belletti, is a Brazilian footballer of Italian descent who currently plays for Chelsea. (PT)

Bordon, Marcelo - Offizielle Website

German "offizielle website" of Marcelo José Bordon. He is a Brazilian football centre back, born January 7, 1976 in Ribeirão Preto and playing in the Bundesliga since 2004. (DE)

Brandão Gol - Official Website

The official website of Brazilian football player and striker Evaeverson Lemos da Silva, simply known as Brandão. Here his fan can find Brandão's biography, player and club info, photos and videos.

Cacau - Official website

Official website of Claudemir Jeronimo Barretto (born 27 March 1981), simply known as Cacau, is a Brazilian striker. Recently he became a German citizen! (PT)

Cléber, Arado - Site Oficial

Website of ex-football player Cléber Eduardo Arado, born 10-11-1972 in São José do Rio Preto. Currently owner of a training centre where he teaches Brazilian soccer and the art of goal scoring. (PT)
Also view the old Cléber Arado official website.

Dunga - Official Website

Official website of former Brazilian football player and coach "Capitao" Dunga. Visit the Dunga Museum, the Dunga Bar (video wall) and read his personal Blog. (EN/PT)

Fabiano, Luis - Official football website

Another nice website of Luis Fabiano, born November 8, 1980 in Campinas - São Paulo, with official news about footballer Luis Fabiano along with exclusive pictures, Fabiano Top 3, stats and gallery. (EN/ES/PT) More websites of Luis Fabiano.

Kléber - Official website

Official website of Kléber Giacomace de Souza Freitas, nicknamed "Goleador" Kléber. Including Kleber his biografia, noticias, jogos, gols, fotos and videos (PT)

Lincoln - Official football website

Official website of Brazilian footballer Lincoln with all the latest news, unique stories and photo gallery of Lincoln provided by (EN/PT)

Lúcio - Site oficial

Official website of Brazilian football (soccer) and Bayern Munich defender Lucimar Ferreira da Silva, or simply Lúcio.

Marta - The official website

Official site of Marta, elected as the best female FIFA player in the world in 2006. Marta was born in the state of Alagoas, but since 2004 has been living and playing in Europe, where she represents Swedish club Umea IK. (EN/PT)

Rodrigo Alvim - Site oficial

Official website of Rodrigo Alvim, a Brazilian football left-defender who currently plays for VfL Wolfsburg, Germany. (PT)

Ronaldinho Gaucho - Official website

There is only one Ronaldinho Gaucho (R10) and this is his official website! Here his fans can find Ronaldinho's latest news, biography, pictures, goals and video clips (Ronaldinho TV). It is also possible to become a member of Ronaldinho's Magazine and read all about his personal lifestyle and dressing style. (PT/IT/ES/JP/EN/CN/DE) More websites of Ronaldinho Gaucho.

Victor Simões - Site oficial

Official website of Victor Simões, with his personal player profile, picture gallery and player videos. (EN/PT)

Willian - Site oficial

Official website of Willian, with his personal player profile, news, pictures and videos. (EN/PT)

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